Thursday, December 28, 2017

Personal sale

I have pulled out a few of my personal dolls to offer for sale.  My Husband of 44 years has a mass on his pancreas, most probably cancer.    I am trying to get enough money up for at least a 10 day stay in a hotel,  fuel to do at least 3 trips to Little Rock,  and food for me.    Sharn's  surgery will be covered since he is  a disabled Veteran.   It looks like the hotel will cost 62 a night plus any taxes or fees.

Dolls will be listed with an alphabet to identify the doll from the others.

Doll A

She is a small bodied Hitty and will come as dressed in short undies and a dress made by me from vintage fabric.  She would normally sell for 100.

Doll C  has been adopted. Thank you so much!

Doll  D has been adopted.Thank you!
Doll  D is  from my early doll carving time.   She is totally painted  skin color .  She is far from perfect.   But I loved her when I made her.

Doll  E  has been adopted.

Doll E is a young man .  He is wearing a Bratz Boys shirt and pants were cut to make cut offs.   He would normally list for 100.  

Doll G  
Doll G was carved fairly early in my Hitty career .   She was carved from spalted sycamore .  The spalting is the darker shaded areas.  She is wearing a Heidi Ott dollhouse wig.   She would normally go for 125.

Doll H was carved from red cedar.   She would normally be listed for 100.  

Doll  I  Has been adopted. Thanks!  

I was adopted.  Doll I was carved from the 110 + year old farmhouse wood.  She has a very big heart on her chest.  She would normally go for 225.  

Doll J 
This doll is a multi jointed cat doll.  She wears Hitty sized clothes .  She has joints in her shoulders, elbows, head hips and knees.  She is wearing high heels. I would have listed her for 200

IF you wish one of these dolls please either leave a message or email me direct.   I will be adding more later but my eyes are tired now.