Sunday, July 3, 2011

Miss Viola Hickory's Log Cabin

Miss Hickory decided she should go take a look at the construction going on at the log cabin. Lester had said he would have a crew come by and begin work on it. He would be supervising since he was recovering from hip surgery and still using his custom Harley Davidson black and orange walker his brother had made for him.

Miss Hickory filled a basket full of vegetables, bread, cheese and a chocolate cake she knew was Lester's favorite. She wanted to treat the guys since they were working on the holiday weekend to get the old cabin ready for her to move into.

She hummed a tune as she walked from the guests house to her log cabin. She was excited for the work to finally begin on it. She could hear hammers and saws as she stepped thru what would become her front door.
As she stepped into the open doorway, she saw the new man that was working with Lester.

"Hello, Viola Hickory," Lester said smiling. "I'd like you to meet our new man. Viola, this is Macintosh."

"Aww, everyone just calls me Mack," he said removing his hat.
Miss Viola Hickory could almost feel herself blush. Mack was obviously of very strong stock. "I thought you guys might enjoy a little treat," she said as she pulled up a table and set out her goodies.

Viola didn't stay long since she knew she had a lot to do at the guest house like the dreaded packing. Soon her cabin would be ready.

Sunday afternoon and Miss Hickory decided to take a walk back to the cabin to see all the work the guys had gotten done. She didn't even look when she was there yesterday. Seeing Mack, just made her forget everything else.

She was excited to see they had closed up the opening in the front and even gotten the door and new window in. It still needed to be caulked and stained but the progress was showing. Inside, she noticed they had stabilized the sagging upper floor and put up the window trim. She closed the door behind her and breathed in all of the smells of her home.

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