Friday, September 23, 2016

I am starting a new way to contact folks when a new creation is ready.   I am going to try using Mail Chimp to contact you via email.   Not all emails are compatible with Mail Chimp so you may also want to follow me on Facebook.   I will be sending photos of new dolls available to those that sign up.


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Friday, April 29, 2016

While walking in the deep woods near her house,  Miss Hickory came upon a baby squirrel up in a tree.  It was so tiny.

The little squirrel jumped down and she realized that it wasn't even tall enough to reach the swing.

Little Squirrel hopped right into Miss Hickory's arms.  

I hope she knows what she is doing.  

Miss Hickory decided to take the tiny squirrel home .  Squirrel was up to no good while Miss Hickory napped. 

Miss Hickory awoke with such a start  as squirrel rolled off the bed laughing.
NOT FUNNY   squirrel.   Not funny at all.   Poor Miss Hickory.  Beware taking strangers home, even sweet looking ones.  

Squirrel is listed on Ebay now 4/29/2016  
Here is the link

Monday, February 29, 2016


             "Ha ha ha,"  Rabbit said.   "Look at that big silly tail and you don't have whiskers either!"

     Poor squirrel was horrified that he was whisker less and had a huge tail.  He didn't know squirrels have big bushy tails.

"Come here little squirrel and sit on my lap."      

"Look, that rabbit doesn't have a tail," Heather said.    

Now rabbit was horrified.

"It's ok,   we love you just the way you are.  Let's be friends instead of teasing each other. "

We all have our differences, but it doesn't make us any lesser.  What a world it would be if we saw the good in people instead of what makes them different.
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