Thursday, December 28, 2017

More dolls  were pulled out of my personal collection and will be offered for sale to help cover expenses during my husbands surgery.   Several from the first lot have been adopted so decide quick and email me.

Doll L is a cold porcelain which is much more durable than real porcelain.  She is about 4 inches tall and comes as dressed. Her wig is removable and is a Heidi Ott dollhouse wig.  I would have listed her for 75. Offers are welcome. 

Doll M is my version of an acorn doll.  Her head is carved not a real acorn.  She wears an acorn cap and has lovely leaf slippers.  She would be listed for 75 as a one of a kind. 

Doll N is Ned the hippie gnome.  He is a one of a kind tiny gnome dressed in his bell bottoms and tye dyed t shirt.   He would be listed for 75.  

Doll P is a composition body with a head of cold porcelain called Flumo.  .  Her wig is attached and she comes as dressed.  She would have been listed for 200. 

I will adopt out the dolls based on the time your email comes in, first in first to get them.