Monday, August 23, 2010

Re Purpose and Play!

I have been busy turning a tired old decorative birdhouse into a Bitty Hitty Fairy house. I would like to show you the boefore pictures of the dirty old decorative birdhouse. It was a very nicely painted birdhouse at one time but this is how it looked after cleaning and bleaching. It had been stored in a storage building for a long time.  It had potential but what could I to do with it? The wood was good and straight with minimal dents and dings.

I had to look at it for a moment before I heard the almost inaudible sound of a tiny foot tapping.

Good thing I believe in Hitty's and Fairy's too. On the edge of my carving desk behind all the other projects is a tiny Bitty Hitty Fairy I call Rose.  I know, you say a  bitty Hitty Fairy? Well, her Mother was a Hitty and her father was a fairy. She stands only 3 3/4 inches tall so there you have a bitty Hitty Fairy.  Ooops guys, maybe we should have knocked before just walking in on her! Oh my.

Good thing fairies are quick, whew! As you can see, she is a red head with the greenest eyes you ever saw. She may be tiny but let me tell you, she knows what she wants and knows how to get it too.
She took one look at the old birdhouse and began giving me ideas about how to spruce it up and make it a tiny fairy Hitty house. I took some of her ideas and ran with it and began sanding the outside and painting it.I began painting the windows and background color on the outside plants. As you can see,  Rose approves of my work so far. One more coat on the windows frames and I will be happy with them. Of course, the bushes will take several more layers before I am happy with them. Unless I am doing lines, I use a round, fairly large brush to paint. Since I like stained glass, I decided to design her one for the front door. I wanted the door to actually look like wood so I did a faux finish on it.
I cut a piece of pale blue stained glass to fill in the hole that was once a hole for a decorative bird house. I had already filled in the perch hole. You can see I carried on the flowering weeping tree and the flowering bushes on the side. The right side of the roof lifts and the side folds down to make more play space inside. While I waited for the paint to dry on the outside, I wallpapered the inside with a cream colored wallpaper with tiny flowers and vines. What else could I chose for a tiny Hitty Fairy? They love nature and loved to be surrounded by it. Since Rose is a girly girl, I designed the interior to reflect her style.
I made her a tiny twig bed with a leaf mattress and soft moss in between. She got into my lace and
fell in love with one particular piece. So I whipped her up a canopy bed with tiny rose buds and pearls that reminded me of babies breath. I forgot to say I painted her ceiling to reflect the night time sky with fluffy clouds and twinkling stars. I found a small oval piece that I painted to reflect her favorite colors and she brought her tiny crystal ball to sit upon her new chest. I crocheted a tiny thread doily for the top and was pretty happy with her bedroom. But you have to have a place to entertain and sit as well as a place for tea. 
 Did I ever mention that Hitty Fairy's are
very determined? She had been sleeping out side,
where ever she could to stay dry so you would
think she would settle for a dry spot.  LOL.
Yeah right.

Well, I think my twig couch was a hit! I made it from twigs and added a floral fabric to bring the outdoors in. It is just long enough for overnight bitty guest to sleep! Hitty Rose had to try it out. 

Can you say, "I did good!"

If Hitty Rose laid down and tried it out, I am a hit!
As you can see, I stained the floor in the living area
walnut too. It is solid wood instead of walnut boards.

I smiled when Hitty Rose sat down at the tiny table. It is a slice of an old tree the power line people whacked at. I was able to save a tiny piece and adhere it to a wine cork a friend had given me and laughed as they said, "go ahead and make something out of this."
Well my friend, here is a Bitty Hitty table made out of your old wine cork and a tree distroyed by the power company crew. I made tiny cushions for
the seat of her chairs. I found a teeny tiny tea set
trimmed in pale blue and knew it had to go in
this house.

My husband helped me make this house easy to carry from room to room or anywhere else. The leather strips are folded and sewn and the sheer weight of the roof and the fold of leather hold it in place. When you get where you are going you simple open the roof and unlock the side latch and unfold the side. All of the furniture goes inside with
room for Rose too! The leather straps and handle come off for play time.

Rose is ready for travel with all the comforts of her new home. I am going to be listing her on Ebay soon, but wanted to give you a sneak peak first. Rose, her house and all of her furniture will be included in the auction. This project was fun, but it did take a while to do.

I should say too that the funds I get from this Bitty Fairy house and Fairy will be buying toys for the boys at the new Ronald McDonald House in Fort Smith Arkansas. It came to my attention that not just girls would be in the hospital. So I decided to
auction off this complete Hitty Fairy house to buy
the guys some toys too!

If you want to save me the hassle of auctioning
it and buy it outright, just drop me an email.

I will probably list it on Wednesday or Thursday unless I get a good offer before then!

Have fun, play hard and by all means,



  1. Clever repurposing and super cute.

  2. This is just amazing. I can't wait to bid, although I never win. Love your Bitty Fairy

  3. Your re-purposed bird house is darling! And itty Bitty Rose is sure cute, too! I hope you can get lots of toys for the boys..