Thursday, January 6, 2011

Suffering from the after holidays blues.....

The ornaments are safely packed away and the tree is taken apart and put into its protective bag. Everything has been put into their storage place. And here I, Miss Viola Hickory, sit feeling kind of blue, not crying in your beer blues or even my best friend left me blues. It is just that quiet time after the holidays. It is hard to explain this level of blues. but those that know me can see it on my face.

Now don't get me wrong, there has got to be a bit of blues in your life to make you appreciate the joys. I sit and crochet, really I am just looking at my balls of yarn wondering what to make. I am spending most of my time watching the chains disappear as I pull the yarn. Ho hum.

"Knock knock".

"Oh do come in," Miss Hickory said feeling the joy of hearing her friends voices.

The three orphans walked in bearing small gifts, a footstool, a vase of wild flowers and of course baby Joy,(made by Sherry from Miss Hickory site). Surrounded by friends not only chased the blues away but even made her smile so big as she rocked Joy.

"Viola, can you help me with the hem on my dress?"

"I'd be thrilled to!" Viola Hickory said. "Just help me get my block in so it is easier to hem it. Joy can play with the two pups while we work."

"Turn to the left just a bit," Viola said as she adjusted the hem.

"There you go. You just needed to weave the end thread back into it. I love that purple verigated color!" Viola said smiling.

"Thank you so much. I was feeling a bit blue because I couldn't get the thread weaved in there right."

"Ha ha, I was feeling blue just because all of the excitement of the holidays were over, then you girls show up and made my day." Viola said.

They all laughed and munched on some gingerbread cookies and tea.

It is amazing how one small act of kindness can alter the mood of another person. My favorite thing is to find a worn out Mom with a small child wailing and walk up to the and stoop and say, " That sounds like a firetruck , woooooooooooo." Most times the child smiles and is quiet for a little bit. If not I tell the small child, "I can sound like a baby bird too, can you? tweet tweet" The child usually forgets what was making them sad. Then I smile and wink at the Mom and say, please enjoy the moment of silence.

Pass on a small act of kindness today, you never know who might need it.

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  1. You are a beautiful person in so many ways Wanda. xo

  2. What a wonderful story. I had the after-the-holiday blues, too, this year. Going downstairs to talk with my friends over the Coffee Hour helped chase the blues away.

  3. Love the story.Never dreamed you get caught with
    the Holiday blue to

  4. So how did you get her face to change, Wanda? Does she have two heads? I want to make a Miss Hickory, too!

  5. FeatherStitch,thank you.
    Miss Gladys, It is always a bit said to take down the glittery ornament
    Babyturtle, we all are sad sometimes.
    Barb, I found 2 other nuts that were the same size and painted eyes to match, then the different mouths. I never glued Miss Viola Hickory's head on because she had minor cracks I filled with glue and wasn't sure if it would stop them. It has so far!
    Thanks all for the comments.