Monday, March 21, 2011

What is the matter with you?

The sicamore sisters were enjoying afternoon tea when Louise heard a tiny crying sound. She walked towards the sound and you would never guess what she found.

"What is the matter with you?" Louise asked the tiny bunny.

The tiny bunny stopped crying long enough to answer, "Mean old squirrell ran away with my tail!"

"Come sit beside me, you poor little thing," Louise said.

Rabbit scrambled up beside her and she tried to comfort her.

By this time, more of the girls came out to see who was crying.

"What is wrong with you?" one of them asked.

"I've lost my tail! Can't you see. Mean old squirrel ran off with it." the tiny bunny cried.

"Did you see where he ran off to? He may have dropped it while running away." Louise said.

The little rabbit hopped up and began to look around.
"What is all this crying about?" Jenny asked the small bunny.

"Mean old squirrel stole my tail!" Little rabbit cried.

"I saw squirrel run into the woods toward Miss Hickory's house." Jenny said.

"Miss Hickory can help you find it.She knows the woods better than anyone." Louise said.

Off little rabbit ran towards the woods. She stopped for a moment to check out the new birdbath.

She ran by the little house near the ridge of the woods.

Miss Hickory had just set down to enjoy a quiet evening when little rabbit banged on her door.

"Who is it?" she called out.

"It is me, Bonnie bunny. The Hittys said that you could help me. Can I come in? It is getting dark and I am getting scared," Bonnie said.

"Sure, come on in." Miss Hickory said.

Bonnie ran in and began to wail.

"Whatever is the matter?" Miss Hickory asked.

Thru her tears, Bonnie sobbed, "Mean old squirrel stole my tail." She turned around to show her.

Miss Hickory tried not to shiver. She had a fear of squirrel running off with her nut head. "Well, it is too dark to go looking for it now. I bet all the running around has made you hungry."

Bonnie' tummy began to growl. "Oh I am."

"Come with me and we will see if I can find something to your liking," Miss Viola Hickory said as she led Bonnie to the kitchen.

Miss Hickory found some garden vegetables and sat them on the table. Bonnie ate the veggies and began to yawn.

"Oh you poor thing," Miss Hickory said. "You must be tired.
My guest room is under construction so you will have to sleep in my room."

They went upstairs and Miss Viola Hickory tucked Bonnie in.
"I am afraid that it is a little close with all this furniture in one room."

"It is ok. At home, I slept with 7 other rabbits," Bonnie said.

"Goodnight," Miss Viola said.

But Bonnie was already fast asleep


  1. you should write children books .Very good. Hugs,Mary

  2. I love this picture story, Marie. I agree with Mary-you would make a wonderful childrens book writer.