Thursday, January 24, 2013

It seems that Lynne has caused a lot of questions about how she moves. Lynne is the result of a lot of time studing many multi jointed dolls both carved and manufactured. If you have the ball jointed dolls you know they are plagued with several problems. Number one is discoloring and not being able to display them in the light. The biggie for me is the sudden knee jerk and inability to stand.

While competing at wood carving shows, I began to learn how to make better joints in my Santa's. Some of the judges showed me what they were looking for in jointed dolls. I have applied that knowledge along to my Hitty sized dolls. Combining that with ball joints I have been able to immitate lifelike movement.

The above doll is all ball jointed. She stands nice but occasionally kicked the other girls under the table. She is being restrung and possibly some liposuction. She was my first of many BJD's.

The doll that Gale chose to take home is a hybrid doll. Her knee joints and elbow joints are hidden when they are bent. I like my girls to have nicely formed behinds like my old Santa's were.

Some of my multi jointed dolls are still available like Dorothy and her little dog.

I am also letting some of the girls from my private collection go. These two Sycamore Sisters with find Heidi Ott hair are available also.

This handsome sailor was once a mighty Captain on one of Her Magesty's finest in the fleet. Now he pilots a small craft of his own and dreams of finding a nice Hitty to settle down with.

When you are out on the water it does get hot and this sailor has some mighty nice tatoo's.

Oooooopppps ! he must have thought he was all alone on the water and went for a dip!

A mystical dragon and Merlin adorn his masculine body.

The smallest doll I have made so far is pegged like the original one.

I am completing several carving videos for those thinking of carving to seasoned carvers looking to do multi jointed or even ball jointed dolls. I will also discuss how to deal with problems and am seriously looking for Boo boo dolls to give a face lift to while recording their surgery. If you have such a doll and are willing to let me use her, just contact me via my doll email

If you follow the blog, you can be first to receive notice of the carving videos when they are available.

Comments are always appreciated.

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  1. Hi Wanda, I love your BJD's! I am looking forward to seeing your carving video!!!!! Thanks in advance.