Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Forgive my manners! I forgot to introduce you to everyone.

Jenny and Lester are the owners and builders of the house at 310 Wildhare. Their persons are Sharn and Wanda Harrigan. Here is a view of our house as it sits somewhere near the water, (ok actually in a corner of Wildhare Studio).  Since it is a working studio, my hubby, Sharn, made a cover for the dollhouse to keep some of the dust out.

Here are Jenny and Lester in front of the covered house. I painted the mural on the wall so I could work and look out over the water like I did when we lived on a boat.

There is sod in the back but not in the front yet. Here is the way the front looks. The motorcycles are parked out front and they have installed a glass tile sidewalk leading up to the front door.

The house is a Victoria's Farm House from Hobby Lobby. I got several gift cards for Christmas and then used a 40% off coupon and ended up paying only 40 out of my pocket for it. Thanks to my dear hubby, we got it all together. He added copper hand made guttering to it and copper flashing on the roof.  He also surprised me with a cute little sign up front of the house.

Sometimes he is sooooo funny! He has made almost all of the furniture in the house from scratch.  I made the orange outdoor furniture out of medicine bottles and hair spray caps. You will probably see them later.

It was hard to get everyone together for pictures , so they decided I needed to snap their photos where ever th'ey were!  And you all know how Hitty's can be when they have their mind set on something!

I carved the rock base and painted it to look like stonework. My hubby painted the house and put all those tiny pieces together!

Come on inside, Lester invites. Don't worry about the little Gnome. He guards the front door so no bad guys get in. He can do all kinds of things to make the bad guys run away. Occasionally though he gets into a bit of mischief too. So if things seem to dissapear and reappear in another place while you are here, blame it on him.  Don't forget to wipe your feet though, Jenny just polished the wood floors.  Come on in and look at Jenny's new couch and chair I built her. I know she wants to show you the house. She is so proud of it since she never owned one before. Please pardon me for leaving you, but I have more couches to build for some other Hitty Mom's. Jenny will show you around the rest of the house.

"See you later, Lester," Jenny said after ushering us inside. Here is the furniture Lester made for me and I sewed the upholstery.  And here are Melinda, Annabelle and Mattie. Mattie was a travel doll that decided to come back to stay at our house. She was carved by Marcia Telvelde and so was Melinda in the striped dress.  Jenny has her footstool sitting in from of the new couch. Her person made it from two dominoes and did a scrimshaw type design on top. Lester also sells the rugs that are in the house. He has a fruit and vegetable stand  and has odd household finds from time to time  it.                                                      "Are you hungry?," Jenny asks as she walks to the kitchen. "Or would you like something to drink?"
This is my favorite room in the house, " Jenny
 replied. I finally got to choose the way my
 kitchen was decorated. Tina sent me canisters
 and other sent food. The kitchen rug was a gift from a Marcia. She handmade it on a loom. She is so talented. She is the one that introduced me to Hitty.  I have tea ready if you want some. "

"Just let me know if you are hungry. But now we will go see the rest of the house. Upstairs is the master bedroom. We chose it because of the private upstairs balcony. We can go out at night and watch the stars.  We have several wicker couches to enjoy it.

Our person's Hubby made our bookcase headboard bed and nightstands too.  He is even a whiz at lighting. He wired the house and even made  us a battery so we didn't have to be plugged in to use our lights.  Our person made the curtains out of some vintage lace she found. She also found all the wallpaper, which she has extra that she lets Lester sell to make a little extra money."

We put in a vanity in the hallway so the girls could primp and not hog the bathroom.  We always seem to have extra girls in the house and with one bathroom, you got to share.   We do pretty good though with it. Hittys are usually very
willing to share with others.  So follow me thru and I will show you the vanity and ooops what happened to the lights? Must be those power outages they talked about with all the heat.  No worry, we have enough windows, I think you can see everything.   The power doesn't stay off long when it does go out. If it does, I will go plug in the batteries. 

 Thru here we have the necessary room.
It is my refuge some hot days since the tub is porcelin. It is so cool to your skin. It will cool you even without the water. Some hot nights, I want to sleep in it. LOL. I am sure some of you ladies understand that one!

I love the picture above the tub. Our person found it in a yard sale with a whole box of others. So if you want some pictures for your house, just ask her. I am sure she doesn't need them all.  her hubby made the medicine cabinet that opens and has our items inside.  Our person also made the towel and the blue glass bowl beside the tub on the shelf.  Let me get out of your way so you can see more.  Our friend, Mary Ann made this rug for us in a swap. It was perfect for in here.  I could not believe it , since she hadn't seen our house yet.

Some of the Hitty's persons are so talented.  Go on in and look and then follow me upstairs. We have guest sleeping in the guest room so I won't show it
to you now.  I would hate to wake them.

Isn't that medicine cabinet just perfect for the space? 

Now come along, there are two more rooms to see.  And I promised everyone to meet the girl that is all heart. 

Here is where the girls sleep and giggle and giggle and then sleep.  Some times they have guest that sleep in sleeping bags  on the floor and on the couch too.  Some times there are so many they have to sleep in my sewing room too.  We sold the log house down the street to Cowboy Bob and he
is planning on opening a general store and  then
have the adoptees sleep there until they go to
their new homes. At least the girls are good about
keeping their beds made and the room pretty clean. Four or five of them sleep up here.

Our person's hubby made all the beds here .  you met these girls downstairs.  Right next door is my sewing room. I have an old victrolla I sometimes listen to while sewing. The records are old and scratchy but I still love them. I have a thing called an Ipod too that stores hundreds of albums or cds as they are called now on it. It is amazing how much technology has advanced in my lifetime.

Sometimes it is a little frightening how things change.  I teach all the girls to sew and do crafts up here.   And now you have had the grand tour and met everyone here.  There isn't enough time to go to the log house and meet the rest so I will save that for later.

I promised you that you would see the girl that is all heart.  Well, you have waited long enough. She was supposed to become a leg on a coffee table, but the cabinet maker didn't get around to it so the leg layed in his shop until he decided to clean it out and sell it all.  Then she layed in a carvers shop for several weeks until my person came along.  She loved the grain in the wood and knew
that she wanted to release the Hitty inside it. If
you look carefully at her hiney, you will see a series of hearts in the grain. Her hair is copper red. In this picture, her strings are still long. But you will see how she is covered with hearts.  She was a bit difficult to carve because the wood was so old, but I think it was well worth the try.

If you look at her side view, she has hearts on her arms too. So now you see why we say she is the girl that is all heart. 

We are not sure if she will stay or if she wants to
travel. She has already been in three shops before
she was even released fromt he wood.  Some
Hittys stay forever and others want their freedom.

Please forgive the blueness of the pictures, we are getting used to using the flash and it seems to take funny under the florescent lights.   Her coloring is the natural color of the wood itself. My person only put tung oil on her body. 

Her lips, cheeks, eyes and hair are the only things painted. Oh yes and her shoes and socks.

The rest of her beauty is all her own. No fillers, colligen or botox added! LOL

Now look at the left side of her chest and you
will see the most important heart.   She has a small heart right on her left side.  My person has done a lot of dolls, but this one is special.  I love her eyes too. They are the color of the sky. She has been a bit shy, but hey she doesn't have any clothes on so I can understand.

I will let you know if she decided she wants to travel and be adopted by someone. 

We have one that has stayed with us for a while now and she has decided she wants a child.   No silly, she doesn't want to have a child, she wants to go live with a child. She is going to go to the Ronald McDonald House they are building in Fort Smith Arkansas.  She is just one of the carved dolls that will be leaving us in November to be loved by a child stuck in the hospital at Christmas.

If there are any lonely dolls at your house, why not let them join her and be adopted by one of the children. All you have to do is send her to my person, Wanda Harrigan and she will be organizing and making sure the dolls are all dressed and then send them off.

If you have any spare outfits, or Hitty books, you can send them too. Any like new doll is allowed.

My person always finds some group to help at Christmas time.  She lost her Dad and both Grndparents at Christmas time so she tries to spread a little cheer to someone else and finds she is cheered up too.

Thanks for coming on the grand tour and meeting the girl that is all heart.

Hitty hugs until we get a chance to blog again. And I promise to show the log cabin but remember it is a work in progress! So much work.


  1. this is a lovely, lovely house!! I had to laugh outloud at the 'HUD' sign! and the bathroom--now I am inspired to add one. very clever, and thanks for the eye candy!!


  2. The Girl That Is All Heart turned out so beautifully! You did a fabulous job! Wherever she decides to go, I can envision her making everyone she lives with very happy indeed. Miss Gladys

  3. A great place to visit! Love Jenny & Lester, the Hittys, their house & everything in it!