Saturday, October 28, 2017

Here are some items I have in my "store".    They can be purchased with Paypal .

Tiny Reindeer brooch   $15

Back or pin side

Old Vintage style Santa or St. Nick    from cottonwood  ,  pine base and found wood tree.  $70

Vintage look Santa from side.

Relief carved hummingbird on Imu egg on  burl base $75 It could be a nite lite with a small bulb in the base.

Stylized Angel Ascending  in found wood.  $65

SOLD  OOAK  Original Oak Pendant and Earrings  Set  
Carved from yellow heart exotic wood,  teak and sycamore   $70 SOLD

The leaf below was carved to look like a bug eaten leaf .  A teak wood gecko was added. The teak was repurposed from an old sailing vessel.  The leaf is exotic wood called yellow heart.  
Design looks thin like real leaf but has been stabilized and is quite sturdy
This multi colored geico is a pin or brooch and resembles tri color metal.  It has taken first in several shows because of it's unique design and coloration.  $85

SOLD  Ball jointed  Carved wood cat.  $250 SOLD

SOLD Jointed reindeer   SOLD
Jointed carved ball jointed Reindeer.   Their 4 legs, head, tail and ears all move.   $95 SOLD
There are two reindeer available at this time.  They are close to the same size but  are slightly different in color and features. SOLD OUT  MORE COMING SOON.
Santa in his union suit it awaiting his color.
The reindeer are the perfect size to pull this Santa's  sled

Santa with some color on him 

I do offer a discount for multiple purchases shipped at the same time.  I only charge actual shipping and packaging .  

Here are some  items I am working on for a client .  I believe they are all spoken for but will be sure within  the next week .
The woman gathering eggs for market and of course, her hens and rooster.

The chicken house was not finished when photo was taken.  It will be this years contribution to this families Nativity scene.

Soft bodied  doll with carved wood head and hands
With second outfit

All carved wood doll with moveable arms, legs, head and pigtails
From the back

Nightgown or second outfit,  story book and tiny clown not included. 

Work in Progress  4 of 6 animal pairs for a rolling Ark 

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