Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rehabing a log cabin dollhouse

My dear Hubby got me a log cabin for my birthday. He had heard me say how I really liked the looks of them for a rustic dollhouse.

It was really nice looking except for the big empty spot in the middle. It was like a porch inside the house. But I figured we could re build it and make it work. Well, over a year later and I finally decided to jump into it.

Out came one of the walls to make a large livingroom and kitchen. I also knocked out the short door to the other room. I reused the logs to fill in the front hole and make a new door for an entrance. For the extra window, I used the plastic off of a tool kit.

Even the inspector liked our new door.

To fill in the gaps between the logs, we used a new to us product. It worked much better than the old one. It applied really easy and let us work it into the seams. I didn't want to take photos inside and see light thru the logs.
Once that dried overnight, I got busy staining the logs. I use plastic lids or the lids my can opener cuts off cans for a paint pallet. I use a painting gel medium to slow drying and to get more of a stain instead of a heavy paint. I use a dark, medium and light brown to blend colors.

Louigee was painting the upper part of the log cabin.

He is not the best painter but he works cheap.

A little paint on the shingles is no problem. I took the same gel medium and brown paints to mask the oops.

Once it is dry, you would never know there was a problem.
Now the roof looks old like the cabin. I also had to deal with the posts on the porch being moved and they had stained the floor while they were in place.

I used the darker color and gel medium in the light areas and then blended in the lighter shades with the gel medium. Wood doesn't always stay the same color throughout the board.

Moving furniture from the guest house, which is really room boxes and placing it is next.

The upstairs still needs painting and sealing, but I got excited and needed to make sure things fit.

The upstairs is next.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Miss Viola Hickory's Log Cabin

Miss Hickory decided she should go take a look at the construction going on at the log cabin. Lester had said he would have a crew come by and begin work on it. He would be supervising since he was recovering from hip surgery and still using his custom Harley Davidson black and orange walker his brother had made for him.

Miss Hickory filled a basket full of vegetables, bread, cheese and a chocolate cake she knew was Lester's favorite. She wanted to treat the guys since they were working on the holiday weekend to get the old cabin ready for her to move into.

She hummed a tune as she walked from the guests house to her log cabin. She was excited for the work to finally begin on it. She could hear hammers and saws as she stepped thru what would become her front door.
As she stepped into the open doorway, she saw the new man that was working with Lester.

"Hello, Viola Hickory," Lester said smiling. "I'd like you to meet our new man. Viola, this is Macintosh."

"Aww, everyone just calls me Mack," he said removing his hat.
Miss Viola Hickory could almost feel herself blush. Mack was obviously of very strong stock. "I thought you guys might enjoy a little treat," she said as she pulled up a table and set out her goodies.

Viola didn't stay long since she knew she had a lot to do at the guest house like the dreaded packing. Soon her cabin would be ready.

Sunday afternoon and Miss Hickory decided to take a walk back to the cabin to see all the work the guys had gotten done. She didn't even look when she was there yesterday. Seeing Mack, just made her forget everything else.

She was excited to see they had closed up the opening in the front and even gotten the door and new window in. It still needed to be caulked and stained but the progress was showing. Inside, she noticed they had stabilized the sagging upper floor and put up the window trim. She closed the door behind her and breathed in all of the smells of her home.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where did I come from?

Oh you are so small and cute Alicia cooed as she rocked the tiny one.

The little blond toddler looked up at Alicia and asked, "Where did I come from?"

Surprised, Alicia began to explain. "Well, at the edge of the forest there is an old log. It has been shaped by the winds over the years. The old woman here says that you and the other Raindrop Kids sprouted after a long hard rain."

"Is that where all of those noisy babies came from that are here?" she asked.

Alicia laughed and said, "Why yes, they did. Early this morning I went out with the old lady, as she calls herself and found that the light rain had caused them to sprout. there were all different kinds, red and yellow, black and white."

"But they are so much littler than me," the toddler said.

"Yes, they are, they are babies. They didn't grow on the stump as long as you did. They need extra care. Some of them aren't as tall as an AA battery" Alicia said.

As the toddler ran off, Alicia watched the babies and smiled.

Alicia knew these Raindrop Babies were going to go to homes that had time to love them all. She was glad that she was watching the babies while the others were at the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

She was around when they drug in three days after it started. Jenny was muttering something about carrot juice punch and she showed Alicia the photos of the strange get together.

Alicia knew that the first of the babies was already listed for adoption online
and more would soon follow.

Alicia was carved by Connie Hardt who goes by iamstonedragon on Ebay.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Why can't someone love me?

Mary Grace thought on what Miss Viola Hickory had been telling her about how she must be nice or no one would ever love her enough to adopt her. She thought that Viola didn't know what she was talking about, after all she was a nuthead.

Mary Grace knew she just needed the right dress for someone ot pick her instead of those Raindrop Kids everyone wanted so badly.
Mary Grace went to the great Hitty clothes closet and began to try to find the dress that would make people love her.

"Hmmm, this is a possibility," Mary Grace said as she twirled around.

"You look all grown up in that," Robin said.

"Then this won't do. I want to look cute and young like all those Rainbow Kids our carving Mom is making and putting up for adoption." Mary said as she tossed the dress to the floor and then threw a shawl on the floor too nearly hitting Robin.

"They got adopted because they were nice!" Nicole said as she walked by.

"Oh that would look better on me."
"You can't do that." Nicole cried.

"Oh yes I can and I did!"
"Hey I......"

"Miss Hickory!!!!!!" she ran off yelling.

"Mary Grace, get dressed and we will talk" Miss Viola Hickory said.

Mary got dressed but sat and cried. "No one loves me. Even my carver Mom is more interested in carving a look a like doll for some guy."

Then she heard the words Miss Hickory had said before. "If you were nice someone would love you. You have to play nice with others if you want to have playmates."

"Oh man, she was right. I will ask Miss Hickory to list me as adoptable and I will play nice from now on." Mary said.