Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Saturday treat

My Saturday treat was getting to go to the NW Arkansas Wood Carvers Show and Competition.I had intended to show but my body decided otherwise. I had several flare ups of Lupus and was unable to carve as much. No complaints, well only a few. My husband and I drove to the show and was delighted at all of the exhibitions of the carvers. Janet Cordell, another Hitty carver was one of the judges on Saturday. She also had some of her wonderful carvings on display there. I was surprised security didn't get me for drooling over them!

The treat came when I got to meet the talented doll artist Connie Hardt or as some of you may know her Ebay name, stonedragon. She literally met me with open arms. She introduced me to her daughter and showed me all of her dolls, squirrel spoon and key fobs.

And let me tell you, she had some beautiful dolls!

She is as sweet as she could be and so willing to share how she does her dolls. She let me pick her brains on how she jointed her dolls and made some with moveable heads. She is a true artists.

Connie, if you can't tell, it was a thrill to finally meet you. The Hitty I brought home has been too busy socializing with all my gang that she forgot to tell me her name. Miss Viola Hickory loved her deep green dress with tiny leaves in it. She may have to watch out or Viola might just borrow it!

I look forward to trying to get together for a carve and chat session sometime in the future.

What a treat!


  1. How wonderful you got to meet Connie and see her latest works! It must have been great fun to be at the convention- all that excitement. I hope you got plenty of rest afterward. ; )

  2. Wow What a treat to meet Connie. She is so talented and so are YOU! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall!!!