Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The most challengingt one so far!

I knew from the start that this one was the most challenging to work with so far! Even before she had a mouth, I could hear her thoughts directing me on how she wanted to be made. I carefully carved her mouth so she could speak directly instead of me trying to hear all of her thoughts at once. She said that she wanted classic beauty, a pouty mouth and pretty blue eyes. I have never had one so fussy before. I hadn't even gotten her arms and legs finished.

I decided that a little one with so many demands needed a name right away. She needed a gentle name that she would hopefully grow into. I immediately named her Mary Grace.

"Hello Mary Grace," I smiled.

"I should have been called Mary Elizabeth, like royalty." she proclaimed.

"I think Mary Grace will be fine."

"Hmmph," she fussed and refused to speak again.

Well, until I went to attaching her arms and legs she was quiet.

"I want pegs not elastic joints! I told you I wanted to be a classic Hitty!" she demanded.

I sighed and got out the pegs. I began by making my dolls with pegs but didn't like the way they moved. The elastic joints could do so much more. But Mary Grace insisted. So Mary Grace got pegs.

"I want toes and pretty boots that slip on and off!" Mary Grace began.

So Hitty Mary Grace got toes. I got out the black classic boots but oh no, she wanted white.

"I want a look that has been around for a while." Mary Grace demanded.

I antiqued her and made her look as if she had been around for many years.

I began to wonder if this little gal shouldn't have been kindling for my pot belly stove. Maybe I should have named her Patience Grace! Someone with lots of patience will have to be her person. She might be a difficult one to find someone to love her and take her home.

"I want a regal dress so everyone will know I am great," Mary began again.

"I will dress you in one of the many dresses I have until I add your name to the adoption list." I replied.

"I want to choose who I live with," Mary Grace snapped.
She began pulling dresses out of the Hitty and Hickory closet.

"I don't like this one. This one is too plain." she said as she threw the dresses aside.

"I am tired and will dress you in the morning. Please stay out of trouble. Miss Viola Hickory will try to keep you company."

I put up my carving knives and turned off the lights. After a trying day with Mary Grace, I needed to soak in the hot tub and hope she would grow into her peaceful name.

But Mary Grace had other ideas...

Join me next time to see all the problems Mary Grace causes.


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  2. How beautiful is your dollie! I used 'sheep hair'or roving :) just search on Etsy!

    Welcome to the blogging world, it is addicting and you are already doing wonderfully!

    I have to go now for work, but if you'd like I can give you some tips to give it a totally different look to your blog a little later on :)


  3. (sorry about the first comment removed, I used the wrong account :)

    By the way, I can't find an email to contact you, So I here I am! I was soo asleep this morning when I sent you the first comment! Search on Etsy for "wool locks" that will give you tons of Ideas on beautiful and colorful hair for your dollies :)

    I could not think of the proper name to find it haha

    Have a wonderful day :)