Friday, April 22, 2011

Can you help me?

"Miss Viola is not here?" The poor bunny cried. " Boo hooooooo."

"Miss Viola won't be back for a while," Louise said. " I will call in the Gnomes to help find you a tail."

Louise sent one of the Hickory teens to find the Gnomes.

It wasn't long until the gnomes came in with something they thought might work.

"Try this William Gnome said as he stuck the blue bowl on the bunnys behind."

"Tee hee hee now he has a bowl on his hiney!" Nancy, the elfling giggled and pointed.

That made the bunny cry harder.

"Quick, go get Miss Jenny, she must have a better idea!" Louise said. "Why do these things always happen while I am babysitting?"

Lauren, the other teen Hickory ran to get Jenny and told her the problem.

Jenny came with her sewing basket and things.

"Hold still so I can fix you up right," Jenny ordered.

"I have to have a tail to deliver all the eggs this weekend," the bunny cried.

"Oh this will do just fine, you just wait and see," Jenny said.

"Yipeeeeeeee," cried the rabbit while jumping for joy.

"Here is my first delivery, Miss Jenny," he said as he handed her a large basket of goodies.

And off the rabbit went with his new tail to deliver the eggs for the Easter Egg hunts.

"Oh my!" Jenny cried as she viewed what the rabbit had left behind.

"What are we gonna do with all of these bunnies?" Nancy asked.

"Hmmmm I do have Hetty's address!" Jenny laughed.

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