Thursday, March 17, 2011

Afternoon tea

Jenny decided to have an afternoon tea party to help cheer Lester up. He was still recovering from hip replacement surgery. She got him out onto the balcony so they could watch the others in the garden.

Miss Viola Hickory kept watch on the hickory tots. Merilin, Melinda, Mattie, the sicamore sisters and Annabelle were all enjoying the silly hats and their tea.

Almost everyone had a silly hat on. Iggy the penguin said his was an invisible hat! Some of them sat on the downstair porch while others sat in the garden and a few sat in the gazebo.

There was laughter and all was well until Lester started pointing and yelling, " Did you see that"

"See what?" asked Jenny

"That thing on the new bench!" Lester yelled.

"Oh Lester, that is just Mona, our monkey". Jenny laughed.

"No! Mona chased it off. It was green with a red mohawk!" Lester said sounding rather excited.

"Honey, there is only Mona there. No little green man with a mohawk," she snickered. "I think you need to back off those pain meds. You seem to be halucinating."

"Maybe you are right. We all know there are no such things as little green men. My old eyes must be playing tricks on me." Lester said as he rubbed his head.

Jenny patted his hand and offered him another cup of tea.

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