Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The woods seemed oddly quiet and Marriah decided to check things out.  She was curious about the pumpkin house and if it was still there or had vanished.  From the trees, she could see the glow coming from the pumpkin house.
It was all set up for Halloween with those phoney skeletons and even a black cat.  She assumed that it was going to be a haunted house used to scare boys and girls.  She crept closer to peek in one window.
She could see a shelf with strange things like jars filled with eyeballs, fairy dust and hearts.  She looked the other way and there sat that same witch.   She thought she should stop peeking in the window and introduce herself.
Just as she reached the door, a movement caught her eye and sent her running.
One of the skeletons suddenly stood up!  Marriah  threw up her hands and ran.  She stopped long enough to look back briefly and saw the witch and the skeleton riding the black cat.
She fainted dead away.
The old witch sat down on her front porch and held her skeleton pal.  She enjoyed frightening the Hitty's away so she could live alone.   The Hitty's were always laughing and trying on clothes, something this old witch hated.
Marriah revived and ran back to the Hitty house and vowed never to go into the dark woods again.

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