Thursday, December 4, 2014

I have been reading Art Dolls Quarterly and decided to enter their Black and White Challenge.  I am still debating over what to call her.  Ophelia, Leilah or Angelena are my final choices.  Angelena came about when I dressed her and she struck the famous Angelina Jolie pose with her shapely leg sticking out of the split in her gown.  

She is  ball jointed for more play   She stands alone and can sit  quite nicely too.  She is wearing a long black and white crocheted evening gown.  I am calling the entry, "Not just Black and White."  Black and white to me is unwavering and unwilling to see others ideas.  As an artist, I see many of the shades in between plain black and white.  I am a self taught artist so I frequently bend the rules, to make things more pleasing.  Many times, I do things others say are impossible.  I can do them, because I never learned they were impossible. There are no failures, just reasons to not repeat that process again.

My entry,  (yet unnamed), is carved from Basswood. She represents my view on a black and white world. She represents my beliefs that the world is not simply black and white.  The shocking pink boa and silky painted short catsuit show how some things are definitely not black or white, but can still coexist with them.

I used the pink boa and silkie short cat suit as the something unexpected.

Let me know what you think about her name choices.


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