Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gracey  decided to work on some art pieces for her Mom's Etsy store. It seems that her store has been vacant for a while now.  Gracey put on her painting apron and painted a couple of sofa size paintings and even managed to carve a wood spirit in a tumbled knoted root that she had found in a nearby stream.  She worked on it all day. it must be oak because she found it quite hard.  She had yet to prepare a mount for it.
Gracey's Mom took some photos of Gracey with her painting and carvings.
 Being a Mom, she also made her remove the wig and take a photo she could send to her friends and Grandparents.

Gracey thought it was cool that her Mom let her take a photo to show her friends too.
Gracey was glad that her Mom had time for her especially since she had another talented girl that she was spending a lot of time on. Luckily, she didn't like to paint at all.  
Gracey didn't know her name yet, but she heard her beg her Mom to please make her a tutu so she could do ballet.  Gracey watched her dance and was amazed at her form. She had just been born but already she moved gracefully.
Round and round she turned in slow rythmn to the music.
Gracey could hardly believe her eyes.

This one was not only pretty but talented too.
Gracey watched her dancing as if she were as light as a feather, even in her borrowed leatard which was much too big.

Suddenly she realized she was being watched and stopped dancing.
Gracey begged her not to stop dancing. She could tell she was a shy one. Suddenly Gracey got an idea. She put on one of her favorite cd's and offered the dancer her hot pink wig and smiled as she put it on and danced to the new music.
She and Gracey laughed as her wig fell off while she did the splits on the floor.
Gracey picked up her wig and then took the new one to go see her paintings.
She showed her the Maine lighthouse first and then the farm scene.
Then the two went into the sewing room to see what kind of outfits they could find next.

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  1. Gracie's new friend looks very talented indeed, what a lovely blog post.

    You are certainly making vast improvements in your jointed dolls, they are looking great!