Monday, September 3, 2012

Just as every person is different, so is every doll. Gracey is one of those. Her Mom dressed her in her finest clothes for the first day of school. Gracey was not happy at all in all the clothes.

She didn't mind the color so much but all the lace and her hair. She looked like all the other Hitty's and she wanted to look like herself. She longed to be different.

Different was not something her Mom embraced. So each day, she would walk thru the woods to get to school and dream.

She began collecting different fabrics and fibers that the other girls at school didn't want. She secretly worked on her new outfit and hid it in the woods on her way home from school.

Gracey smiled as her Mom layed out the same ol' dress type that everyone else had. She knew that today would be different. She walked to the woods and changed into her new outfit and carefully stored the outfit all the others had. She added one more item and she was done. She was different than all the others. No more sausage rolls in her hair and no frilly dress. Ahhhhhh, she was herself. She was different now than all the rest.

Gracey enjoyed the wind in her long hair. She also liked the shiny short skirt.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" a tiny voice called.

Gracey spun around to see a funny looking rabbit standing there.

"You look different than all the others!" the rabbit squeeked out.

"Good. I don't want to look like all the rest." Gracey said.

"You like being different looking?" the rabbit questioned.

" Yes, I do!" Gracey said. " I am Gracey."

" I'm Sally," she said. Wanna go sit on the log over there?"

" Your hair is even different." Sally said. "Can I touch it?"

"oh, it is soft." Sally said.

A single sound echoed thru the forest. It made Sally leap high into the air.

"Oh, I have to get to school and see what the other Hitty's think of my look." Gracey said and off she went.

While she was happy with her changed looks, I hope she is ready for the opinions of others. Some may like it and others may hate it. She will have to decide if she truely wants to look that different from the others. Only time will tell. Some of us follow the crowd while others step out into the light and walk a differnt path.

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