Monday, June 20, 2011

Why can't someone love me?

Mary Grace thought on what Miss Viola Hickory had been telling her about how she must be nice or no one would ever love her enough to adopt her. She thought that Viola didn't know what she was talking about, after all she was a nuthead.

Mary Grace knew she just needed the right dress for someone ot pick her instead of those Raindrop Kids everyone wanted so badly.
Mary Grace went to the great Hitty clothes closet and began to try to find the dress that would make people love her.

"Hmmm, this is a possibility," Mary Grace said as she twirled around.

"You look all grown up in that," Robin said.

"Then this won't do. I want to look cute and young like all those Rainbow Kids our carving Mom is making and putting up for adoption." Mary said as she tossed the dress to the floor and then threw a shawl on the floor too nearly hitting Robin.

"They got adopted because they were nice!" Nicole said as she walked by.

"Oh that would look better on me."
"You can't do that." Nicole cried.

"Oh yes I can and I did!"
"Hey I......"

"Miss Hickory!!!!!!" she ran off yelling.

"Mary Grace, get dressed and we will talk" Miss Viola Hickory said.

Mary got dressed but sat and cried. "No one loves me. Even my carver Mom is more interested in carving a look a like doll for some guy."

Then she heard the words Miss Hickory had said before. "If you were nice someone would love you. You have to play nice with others if you want to have playmates."

"Oh man, she was right. I will ask Miss Hickory to list me as adoptable and I will play nice from now on." Mary said.


  1. Very cute tea party! Love the dollies :) I wish I had a closet as big as them! lol
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh my, Mary Grace learned a lesson, didn't she? I hope it is easy for her to play nice from now on... and find someone to love her. Miss Gladys