Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ronald McDonald House Open House

Today was the Open House for the Ronald McDonald House in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Ronald McDonald was even there to celebrate the opening. Julie Edwards gave us the Grand Tour of the facilities. Julie has been working with me on the Hitty donations. Since we got such a good turnout, we will be giving the children and their siblings something for Christmas this year.

Tomorrow, the family rooms will open for parents of critically ill children in the hospital and neonatal units.

Everyone must check in here to enter the McDonald house unit. Notice the glass under the window. Throughout the unit there are glasses with what I would call tiny limbs with copper buds just waiting to bloom.

I thought the walls and light fixtures were wonderful but the furniture....oh my! This is only half of the Family room. They were filming in the other half of the Family room so you are seeing just half of it.

One of the visitors summed it up perfectly. "I want to live here, but never need to live here!" 

My kitchen breakfast nook never looks like this!

Kitchen cabinets with more glass and what I call twigs inside.

One of three rooms to try to catch a nap while waiting for a miracle for your tiny child.

A second room to try to catch a bit of sleep.

The reading room with a chaise lounge and shelves for books to read and a computer to send emails to loved ones about your child and to catch up on news.

The artwork on the outer hallway lends a warm feeling.

Our Hittys and friends will be given away Christmas Eve by Santa. All total, we were able to collect just shy of 1700.00 worth of Hitty and friends.

I have to thank all those that made it possible. And to think, I almost didn't do it because I was told it wouldn't work to ask for donations in multiple groups. I am so glad I listened to my heart and pushed on to make this Christmas memorable to kids dealing with sickness and sorrow.

Thank you all and God bless.

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