Friday, September 17, 2010

Ronald McDonald House Gift Away

I am re cooperating from a bump on the noggin and thought I would take the time to talk a little about the 4 new suites being built inside Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith for the Ronald McDonald House. This is the first one in Arkansas. These suites will house the parents and family of critically ill children from newborn to age 18. This on site suites allow parents to stay close to their children.

We are gathering dolls and toys to give to all the children of those families to help Christmas be a bit merrier. Any extra's will be taken to the pediatric ward for kids stuck in the hospital on Christmas.

When I started this project, everyone was excited. I only had one person try to stop my project for reasons I still don't understand. I am very happy to say, I decided to put out my call for help to several groups, doll groups, carving groups, boy scouts and anyone that I thought would see the joy this project
 would bring to those families. I am going to show the
 pictures of the donations to date and will add to them
 as more come in. We can use dolls, both Hitty and
others, dresses, pj's , Hitty books, cars and boy
 dolls too.

So please go through your Hitty closets and see if perhaps there is an unloved doll or dress that you can give to a child or their siblings stuck in the hospital for Christmas. 

The Hitty modeling this ladybug nightie is donated too. 

We are going to try to put a book, a doll and an outfit or two in a gift bag for the girls. Imagine the group of young Hitty lovers we are creating! These youngsters may be our future Hitty girls! 

I really shouldn't be amazed at the generosity of you girls and guys too, but it has really touched me. I had a few doubts early on. I wasn't sure if multiple groups could work together.

Well folks, you sure have put those doubts to rest!

I sold the fairy house and fairy and will be buying some toys for the boys and some packaging for the gifts.

Even the son of a friend donated the cars he built and decorated in Boy Scouts.

We may have to find a book or two for the boys too.  I hope someone has some ideas of boy books.

I donated a Hitty dolls and sent two shoulder heads off to someone else to make bodies for and she will send them back clothed too!

So if you have any dresses, pantlets, coral necklaces, coats, books, dolls or a toy for a boy, we can use them.

To all of you that have donated so far, I thank you!
I got excited just opening the boxes of donations. I can't imagine the excitment of the kids getting these toys for Christmas.

The donations are tax deductable so let me know the value so I can get you receipts.

This little kitty was in a resale shop for a whole quarter. I figured the dress could be adjusted to fit a Hitty with a snap or two. She even had a hat.  I removed the dress, can can and hat and decided to use the kitty as a traveling pin cushion. Her name is now Kitty Ow Ow.  I hate to use her for  a pincushion but I don't have one in my travel bag for those long waits at the doctors office. 

 If anyone wants to adopt a kitty, just send me a
pincushion and I will send this sweet kitty .  She says she would like a new dress anyway! Ha ha.

Watch for ourcoming post of all of Hitty Jenny's preparations for Halloween.

The chill is in the morning air and it makes me think
 of  the coming holidays.
 Hitty Jenny is busy turning the log house into
 a haunted house for the neighbor kids, and her too.
She loves decorating. So watch for the post of all of  her goulish  decor.

Have a good day, Wanda and the Wildhare Hittys


  1. Wow and really amazing all the donations you've recieved! Great Job everyone!!

    As for Kitty Ow Ow... just think of it as accupuncture with all those pins? *grin*

    Hitty Jenny looks like she is really gearing up for a grand Holloween...


  2. I am so glad you took on this Gift Away project with the Ronald McDonald House. I am so proud of all of the people who are involved, too. Just think of the smiles on the faces of the kids this Christmas! I hope Kitty Ow Ow finds a home.

  3. I just found the comments and I am so glad everyone likes this blog so far. Thanks for reading it.

    I can hardly wait to post the Halloween Cabin decoration!

  4. I just read this all:) We spent six weeks in the Ronald McDonald house in Chicago, plus a couple other shorter stays for my daughter to have 3 twelve hour surgeries. It felt like home, and when we finally left, it felt strange, like I would miss the place, yet glad to go. You are doing a great thing!

    Kitty OW-OW cracked me up!